Tips for choosing the best tablet for children according to their age

If you have a young child or an age in which they are already beginning to demand the use of new technologies, then this guide with the best tablets for children is for you. The tablets have become a very useful tool and intermediate between a computer and a mobile.

They have a large number of functions and a large screen, but with more mobility and autonomy than a laptop, although lately some advances are making the differences dissipate.

But they are not only for adults, tablets for children also have their niche in the market. Not only as a toy for entertainment, but also as a tool for learning or for use in educational centers.

But, in these cases, the same doubts arise as for adults: What is the best model? How to choose? What should I look for? And that is what I will try to explain in this guide.


As for the recommended tablets for children, here is a list with some of the best that you can choose according to the age range in which they are.

Tips for buying a tablet for children

When choosing a tablet for children , technical details are sometimes overlooked, as it is thought that they will not be as vital as when choosing a tablet for an adult. It is always common to fall into the error of simply looking at the appearance of the tablet, but that is not recommended.

The technical specifications in these cases are as important as when choosing an adult tablet. Especially if it will be used in the educational field, since the school or center where the child studies may need specifications or a specific platform with which the apps they usually use can work.

In short, you should know how to answer these questions to determine the type of tablet you need.

When to buy a tablet for a child?

There are toy tablets for young children . These tablets are very limited, and do not usually have the apps or functions that a normal tablet enjoys. That is, they usually have a series of buttons for the child to press and show certain graphics on the screen, lights, sounds, etc.

That is, in those cases it is a toy , something that looks like mom or dad’s tablet, but lacks the features of a real tablet. Therefore, be careful about the age for which you want to buy the tablet:

Toy tablet

They are recommended for children up to 2 years old. They are usually very simple, although there are some versions that can go up to 6 or 7 years of age. In those cases, they are usually somewhat more advanced, although with their limitations. But they include some educational apps or games to learn English, etc.

More advanced kids tablets

On the other hand you have normal tablets that have the characteristics and functionalities of a normal tablet.

There are generic ones , that is, they can be used for both children and adults without any difference, and also some tablets for children that usually have protections against falls and blows, since it is more frequent that during the game they can suffer an incident.

Those that are protected (those Kids Edition ), are ideal for children from 5 to 10 years old, while the generic ones can be used for older children and adolescents

What will you use the tablet for


If you simply want to give a tablet to your children for their entertainment, although they can also use educational apps, then you may find the following options:

  • If there is no tablet, or the rest of the tablets are Android , the best option is to also opt for an Android for the child. However, you have to keep in mind that Android tablets are generally cheaper and if it breaks from use or during gaming, it will always be a better option than an iPad.
  • If you frequently use Amazon Prime services in the family, such as its streaming video platform, you probably want your child to also be able to access the children’s channels, series and movies on this platform. In that case, Amazon’s FireOS has great integration with these out-of-the-box services, although it’s basically a modified Android. You have to know that you will not be able to access all Android apps, and that it lacks Google Play, and has its own Amazon app store.
  • If the children are minors or babies , then the operating system is not a problem. Toy tablets usually do not have an operating system or have a very limited embedded version that will matter little or nothing.

For an educational center

If you are thinking of buying a tablet that has been ordered at the educational center or school where your child studies, then you should always choose between Android and iPad. You should rule out any other option for now.

In addition, you always have to listen to the recommendations of the center, since most allow free choice, but others use some specific apps for education that are only available for a specific platform.

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